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Uniquely Singapore tipple: NEWater beer to debut at Singapore International Water Wee - jamiebaloney - 07-11-2018

[Image: 20180708_ccbeer_jason.jpg]

SINGAPORE, July 9 — Delegates at this year’s Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) will get to pair a unique Singapore beer, NEWBrew – which is made using recycled water – with their serious discussions on water sustainability and technology. To put their taste buds to the test, the attendees may also try telling the link m88 difference between beer brewed using regular tap water and NEWater.

To mark the tenth year since the SIWW was first held, its organisers teamed up with local craft brewery Brewerkz for the limited-edition beer. About 900 litres of NEWBrew will be available at the SIWW’s welcome reception and Hot Issues Workshop on potable water reuse on Sunday (July 8), and at Industry Night on Tuesday.

SIWW organisers approached Brewerkz in January, and national water agency PUB supplied 1,920 litres of NEWater for NEWBrew. Brewerkz managing director and head brewer Sean McLin said he decided on an American pale ale “to let the water chemistry show how the hops work with that – the bitterness side of the hops – as well as the malts”.

“It’s a style people are enjoying in the market today,” added Mr McLin, 50, m88 casino an American who has been brewing beer professionally since 1989. He had previously worked in a microbrewery in Barcelona, Spain, before joining Brewerkz in January. He described NEWBrew as medium-body, with a bitterness that is “not assertive”, and imbued with flavours of citrus, pine, mango and pineapple from the hops used.

Water quality is crucial in making beer, and the styles of beer in various regions are dictated by the minerals present in the water, he said. Mr McLin said he welcomed the opportunity to work with recycled water, having lived in three different places – California, Arizona, and Barcelona – that had experienced mass droughts.

He visited a NEWater facility within the first week of arrival in Singapore to better understand the water quality. NEWater is used water that is put through microfiltration, reverse osmosis and m88 sports ultraviolet disinfection. It has been part of Singapore’s water supply since 2003, and supplies up to 40 per cent of the country’s current water needs. Mr McLin said he had to add a small amount of salts to the NEWater to get a healthy fermentation process going. In beer brewing, water and malt are mixed at a certain temperature, and enzymes convert the starches into sugars.